PA5 – Interpreting Architecture

Am going to analyze the same building as I worked on PA3, The Grove at Grand Bay ´COCO´in Miami, USA, which was designed by BIG, Bjarke Ingels Group, back in 2016. But the owner of the buildings are the Terra Group. These two beautiful twisting towers are a very good example of multifamily project type. They were the first truly twisting towers ever built in the United States. The real purpose of this twisting design was to be able to capture the full panoramic views of the Miami skyline.

Building structure.

These project is about two identical buildings, 20 floors each, with a total of 98 condominiums. The architect’s design was such that as the towers height increased the total rotation of the towers would get to 38 degrees. This made it very difficult to find the best geometry composition possible for the column to be able to resist the different slopes and the total torsion generated. The engineers and the architects had to face many challenges to minimize the total shear forces that were transferred to the core walls. A hat truss at the top of each of the building was one of the solution of this large force problems. Even the circular columns, made of concrete, twists with the rest of the building. These two twisting towers are really a unique piece of architectural art, that has been developed even with the opposing circumstances of that specific area.