Experience of the environment.

I have selected the seat in my room, next to my desk, in front of my laptop. My room is not very big, 3×4 I would say. It is located in the city centre of Valencia, next to Mestalla Stadium. The walls are painted in light blue and the roof in white, and the floor is made of wood. I have put everything I need inside my room, a closet, a bed, a desk and a chair, a mirror and two carpets. The illumination is quite alright, it is based on a fixed lamp on the roof and adjustable desk lamp, with different tones and intensities, and of course I get sunligh from the window too.

I chose my bedroom because it is where I spend most of my time, either studying or resting. What makes me comfortable about this place is that its just mine and adjusted to myself, I can arrange anything as I like in whatever way I want, this makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. Actually there is not any disturbing or disruptive element, but there are certain things that I would like to change. No, I dont think I would have felt the same way if I were in another place right now because no other place is such personal to me such as my own room. What I would change from my room is the floor, I would put a type of ceramic instead.