I have chosen these two beautiful countries to reflect my ideas on because I find them very special and unique. They have some similarities and of course many differences. But one thing that they have in common is that they have settled a great example, to the surrounding countries, in whatever way when it comes to art and architecture. They are usually the innovatives and the leaders for the great changes.

Emporia, Malmo (Sweden).
Italcementi, Bergamo (Italy).

These two buildings clearly reflect the progress each country has reached. The Emporia building in Malmo is simply a shopping complex and a commercial building. Whereas the Italcementi building in Bergamo is the main studio of a technological company that tries the research of the use of concrete.


It is very usual in the Scandinavian houses to detect a certain design that tries to fight the cold temperatures and other difficul weather conditions. Clearly, wood is one of the most important materials, it fits all the necessary requirements for a Scandinavian house, either in design or in construction process. In my point of view, these modern Swedish houses have improved a lot in all the aspects, due to the new technologies and construction techniques. But still maintaining some traditional details, which help them being recognizable, and additionally the square edges and straight lines have been incorporated to the design too.


In the Italian houses we can perceive the Mediterranean vibes, observing the typical masonry and the other rustic details. This houses are specially made for summer time and heat weathers, but they are still very functional for the other times of the year too. Italy is very well known for their manufactures with leather and furniture in general. What I think about modern Italian architecture is that it is fantastic in whatever way you analyze it, it has achieved it’s own models, that makes it original.