Unit 2

An architect is someone with enough capacity to be able to shape empty spaces into buildings that satisfy human needs, and taking into account the economic limits and functionality. Architects are the ones that design projects in order to improve peoples lifestyle. Architects must know how to convert ideas, feelings and needs of the surroundings and the people, with technic help of course, into a correspondant environment, space or building. An architect should be open minded to the new society´s purposes, to be able to progress as a community.

Drawing, travelling, reading, analyzing or surroundigs, all these are very important to develop as an architect, as well as being curious, suspicious and critical. A good architect must understand the materials, the compositional rules, the construction techniques and the need of the users.

To be an architect is to be able to turn a house into a dream. And at the same time being able to turn a dream into a house. This is one of the famous quotes of Alberto Campo Baeza.