Unit 1

We are going to start by defining how architecture is reflected as in our minds. Create something that is going to last and it´s considered as art. An art that displays the architect´s personality. A way of beauty and functionality, a way of understanding the relationship between esthetic, design and comfort. A process of design and manufacture. Get an idea of edification, draw it on a piece of paper as a project and then build it. Architecture is about the proportion and organization of the spaces in which we live in. It is the technique of engineering in an artistic way, making it unique.

Now am going to throw some concepts related to architecture such as interdisciplinary, development, heritatge, masterpieces, monuments, ephemeral and history, of course there are many more.

Architecture is the inevitable art, we are in continuous contact with it, we can avoid contemplating paintings or sculptures or any other artistic work but architecture is constantly affecting us by modifying our behaviour or state of mind.