Am going to reflect on our visit to the ´Huerta de Valencia´in our field practice day. The aim was to follow some steps and clues in order to find the correct buildings that we were supposed to analyze it’s specific architecture.

We started around 9 o´clock in the morning from our university and headed towards the ´huerta´once we got together with our group. Then we discovered every clue and tip we needed until we got to the different pieces of architecture in the area. They were all about the old field life that was dedicated to agriculture. We had to analyze buildings like old and typical catholic churches of the area, which they call ´Ermitas´here. Then we had to find some other buildings that they call ´Alquerias´, which was like a type of labour house of agriculture. We were 5 persons in my group, so we split the work as of each of us got to speak about something different.

I chose to speak about barracas, these typical old spanish houses, with an idea and a style of the agricultural life. They have a very peculiar style of architecture with a square base and a highly tilted triangular roof. All of these were tent to be build with the own ecological materials of the area. Moreover, I have left two drawings about Barracas, which were part of my job.

I think this was a great oportunity for us to learn how people used to live, and they still do, around this area if they are commited to this unique sector of the economy, such as the agriculture.