Reflections on text ATMOSPHERES

This text is about how our reactions or the feelings made inside our body and mind are produced whenever our eyes perceive a new building or a new place that we haven’t been to ever before. This process is so quick that we don’t analyze our new surrounding correctly and decide with common sense wether we really like it or not, of course there are exceptions in which we wait and take a better look at what we see, so we react towards it how we truly feel about it. It happens the same when we listen to a new song or melody, our reactions may change depending on how we have perceived it. So that’s why we can relate architecture with music in some cases.

Architectural atmospheres comes down to craft and graft. Processes and interests, instruments and tools are all part of what affects the atmospheres and in the way it is created. There’s a critical proximity between materials, depending on the type of material and it’s weight. Sometimes combining different materials in one unique building may create a sense of high intensity if they are close together, or either no reaction at all if they are quite apart.

Another important factor that affect the atmosphere of a specifc place is the sound it creates. Every place has it’s own sounds, and doesn’t have to be by friction. It produces some senses with an orientation towards it’s architecture. Or when people speak together in a room, how the echo interacts and produced. Temperature too. What the author has tried to contribute with the atmosphere of places are the different factors that make a difference.